For more information about VRI*ety™, please choose one of the following:

Why VRI*ety?

VRI*ety gives you vacation options. Travel to places you’ve always wanted to visit. This exchange program allows you to exchange your week to any resort in the VRI family or to hundreds of additional resorts...your choice!

Other VRI*ety benefits include:

  • No annual membership fee
  • Low exchange fees
  • 3- and 4-night split week vacations
  • Unit upgrades
  • Cruise exchange
  • Personalized customer service
  • Travel protection plan option

How does it work?

Just a few simple steps and you’re on your way to a great vacation...

1. Verify your Eligibility
The VRI*ety® internal exchange program is available to owners/members at participating VRI-managed resorts and Multi Resort Ownership Plan (MROP). Be sure you have a fixed week or confirmed reservation at a VRI resort or club to deposit.

2. Deposit Your Week
To exchange within the VRI*ety® program, you must first deposit your week into the “bank.” Depositing early is always recommended and provides a higher request priority. You do not need to know where you want to request before depositing. Call us at 888-203-1044.

3. Search Your Destination
Browse through the Exchange Directory to review a list of resorts and destinations. For current available inventory review our Exchange Online page. Through VRI*ety you have 100s of resorts to choose from!

4. Request an Exchange
Call us at 888-203-1044 to request your exchange. Again, you may also check availability or complete your exchange and print your confirmation online. Click here to make your exchange now. You may exchange for an equivalent unit size and season as your deposited week, based on availability. Upgrades are available for a fee. Requests may be made up to 24 months in advance and will be fulfilled based on availability and in the order received. Please plan ahead!

Exchange Fees: All are US$




As of Jan. 1, 2016

Exchange to VRI-Managed Resort

Exchange to Continental USA

Exchange to Hawaii/International

VRI Member








Guest fee applicable when inbound guest is someone other than the listed owner/co-owner of record = $25
Cancellation Fees:
$50 fee for cancellation made 60 days or more prior to arrival.
$100 fee for cancellation made 1-59 days prior to arrival.
No cancellation allowed less than 24 hours prior to date of arrival. All fees are forfeit at cancellation. Deposited week given for the cancelled exchange will be returned for rebooking with original expiry. All applicable fees will be collected at rebooking.

5. Enjoy Your Vacation!
For more details on the VRI*ety program and rules, please read our Terms & Conditions: click here.

Additional Benefits

Do you have extras in your party this year? Exchange into a unit larger than what you own. Upgrade fees depend upon upgrade levels, reservation lead times and availability. Season upgrades are also available.

Split Your Week
Can’t travel for a full week? You can split your week into one three- and one four-night stay (only one can include a weekend). You may make split week reservations up to 90 days in advance.